Wilted Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing

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Wilted Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing

Enjoy this mouthwatering kitchen-tested recipe packaged as Soups and Salads called Wilted Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing.

Tip: Turn ventilation on over the cooktop before adding the red wine vinegar to the skillet. This will lessen the impact of the fumes.

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 15-20 minutes
Serves: 4

Hot Bacon Dressing Ingredients:

6 slices thick-cut bacon, cut into 1” pieces
½ c. red onion, diced small
¼ c. red wine vinegar
2 t. honey, preferably local
½ t. Dijon mustard
¼ c. extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and black pepper, to taste

Salad Ingredients:

4 c. baby spinach, rinsed and patted dry
8-10 large fresh strawberries, sliced
4 oz. goat cheese, crumbled
Sea salt and black pepper to taste


1. Add bacon to a large skillet set over medium heat. Cook, stirring frequently, until crispy, approximately 10 minutes. Transfer cooked bacon with a slotted spatula to a plate lined with paper towels. Blot excess grease from bacon with a paper towel and set aside.

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2. Carefully drain and discard all but one tablespoon bacon grease from the skillet and return to heat. (Wipe any drips with a thick, damp cloth to prevent a flare up if cooking over flame). Add the red onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until soft, approximately 4-5 minutes.

3. Add red wine, honey, and Dijon mustard. Season with salt and black pepper, to taste, and stir to combine. Cook, stirring constantly, until thoroughly combined and heated through, approximately 2 minutes.

4. Reduce heat to low and stir bacon and extra virgin olive oil into the skillet until combined. Continue simmering on low heat while preparing the salad.

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5. Add the baby spinach, sliced strawberries, and goat cheese to a large mixing bowl. Pour hot bacon dressing on top and toss to combine. Transfer salad to a large serving platter or individual chilled plates and serve immediately. Enjoy!

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